Jo Stanbury – Gosnells

“We were living in our own home when my husband developed Alzheimer’s and we were told that we would need to move, so we’ve opened up a phone book and started with the ‘A’ section and soon found Amaroo. When we got here, we found out it had two caring centres. We fell in love with the place. We didn’t look at any of the other villages. We tell anyone coming in to the village that you get everything here – all the facilities, all the activities you want to keep you occupied. Also, if you want to stay in your room, you can, no one will complain but all of us residents will come and check on you! When my husband was here, it was good to know that I could go shopping and not leave him – our neighbours would pop in and have a cuppa with him. It was our neighbours who helped me get through the hard times. To me, and for me, I absolutely couldn’t get a better place. It’s the best move we’ve ever made.”