Meet our team – Ana, Personal Care Assistant

At Amaroo, we are fortunate to have a team of over 400 people across our facilities working together to care for older Australians.

Whether that be our nurses, personal care workers, allied health professionals, maintenance staff, cooks, cleaners, or administrative staff – we all play a role in ensuring our clients and residents live their best lives.

In the leadup to Aged Care Employee Day, we are spotlighting a variety of our staff at Amaroo who have gone above and beyond in providing direct and indirect care.

In our last blog post in this series, we introduce you to one of our Personal Care Assistants – Ana.


Meet Ana

Ana has been a Personal Care Assistant at Amaroo for an astonishing 17 years.

“I am currently based at Buckley Caring Centre and provide care to all our residents. This includes assisting them with daily living activities, administering medication, and delivering daily meals.”

Ana explains that no two days are the same at Amaroo, however she always leaves work knowing she has helped improve the lives of our residents.

“In this job, you get to provide care, but you also have the opportunity to learn about the lives and stories of those you are assisting. Everyone has a story to tell, and I enjoy getting to know each and everyone of our residents.

I have worked in this industry for a number of years, and I know I’ll continue to enjoy it for many more years to come.”


The power of communication

Outside of work, Ana cares for her daughter who has special needs.

“I have learnt to communicate with my daughter using Key Word Sign. It’s a more simplified form of sign language that also uses natural gestures, facial expressions, and body language”, Ana explains.

“This skill has been very useful when providing care at work. We currently have a resident at Buckley who relies on sign language to communicate. Knowing the basics of Key Word Sign has made it easier for us to attend to his needs.”

This valuable skill paired with Ana’s caring nature has made her a treasured employee at Amaroo, as explained by General Manager Residential & Home Care Services, Michael Donnelly.

“At Amaroo, we know that without Personal Care Assistants like Ana, we would not be able to provide the high-quality care that we do. Ana goes above and beyond in her role and it’s definitely noticed by both staff and residents.”


Considering a career providing care?

If you are considering a career providing care, Ana has some important advice.

“In this industry, you must be prepared to work hard, but you must also take the time to enjoy the little moments. Every day you come into work you are impacting the residents you care for; so above all, you must have respect for them.”

Ana’s golden rule and life motto is “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”


At Amaroo, we are always looking for individuals who are passionate and genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of others.

If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you.


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