How to access Amaroo@Home services

Whether you currently have a Home Care Package and are looking for a provider or you are at the beginning of your journey, our Amaroo@Home team can help you.

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Switching home care providers

1. Contact our friendly team

Contact us on 1300 653 967 to organise for one of our experienced team members to meet you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your needs.

2. Complete paperwork

During this visit, we can help you complete all the relevant paperwork required to transition your home care package to Amaroo@Home

3. Schedule your services

Once your home care package is transitioned to Amaroo@Home, we will work with you to schedule all your services as required.

We understand that organising at-home care can be an overwhelming experience. If you need more assistance understanding how we can help you live more comfortably in your own home, please contact our friendly team on 1300 653 967.

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