Frequently asked questions

  • What is included with Amaroo@Home?

      At Amaroo, you will be assigned your own personal coordinator, who will be able to help you access the care you need.

      All of our Amaroo@Home coordinators are nurses. We strive to build a personal relationship with you, your family, and your support circle, and provide clinical care from the comfort of your home. This can include:

      • Wound care
      • Catheter care
      • Hospital discharge assessments
      • Post falls assessments
      • Medication administration such as B12 injections
  • What other support can I access?

      We partner with a range of contractors to bring you individualised support, including:

      • Physiotherapists
      • Occupational therapists
      • Podiatrists
      • Hairdressers
      • Gardeners
      • Masseuses
      • Kinesiologists
      • Counsellors
      • Home maintenance workers
  • What do I need before applying?

      Before applying for Amaroo@Home, please ensure that you or a dependent have the following information available:

      • ACAT assessment
      • An approved home care package

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