About us

At Amaroo, our purpose is to support our residents to live their best life. This means something different for everyone – it means creating a lifestyle that suits you.

Our team of health professionals are passionate about providing high quality care to those in our community who need extra support. We understand that every story is unique and so are your needs, and we are here to help you along your care journey.

We are Amaroo

We’ve spent over 50 years empowering older people to live the lives they choose.

For us, that means removing barriers and finding ways to help them reach their goals.

To do this, we have the courage to seek out communities where we can roll up our sleeves and truly make a difference. We undertake our work with integrity and honesty. We own what we do and stay accountable for our actions to the people we serve.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and community-minded. Our aim is to grow our impact, not our size. We are focused on spending the next 50 years making the biggest difference we can to people’s lives.

That’s why we exist today, and that’s what drives us into tomorrow.

Our history

We have provided exceptional quality care to the Western Australian community since 1969.

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