Kath Trendall - Albany

It's not always easy. Moving house can physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. But if there's a silver lining to this exhausting cloud it's that once you've moved, the boxes have been unpacked, your old possessions feel at home in their new space, and you've met (and like) the neighbours, you can start looking forward to everything the move represents. Fun and friendship. Safety and security. Absolute independence, but also support if you need it. Retirement offers a whole other life to live - and being in an environment which nurtures and supports that life is worth its weight in gold.

Kath Tilbrook - Gosnells


"In 2012 whilst away on holiday I had the misfortune of breaking my arm. Whilst this was healing I was in Buckley caring centre on respite. My son discussed with me that he thought it was time I got some services to help me once I returned home to my unit. I was assessed by the Aged Care Assesment Team and was approved for home care services.

To start with someone came to help me shower and dress whilst my arm was still healing. I also had a cleaner come each week to assist with my housework and also someone came to do my shopping.

I was required to contribute a small amount of money towards the cost of my services and the government paid the rest.

Now I still pay my small amount into the fund and with the government payment I am also able to maintain my Gopher, utilise a podiatry service and purchase equipment to assist me to remain living in my own unit longer. I am able to have a gardener come and maintain my garden, and I receive help with transport for Doctor and hospital appointments.  Essentially I can use the funding to spend on anything that will help me stay at home. Last week I even updated my walker and it has all been paid for by my Amaroo Home Care Package."


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Bruce and June Pries - Denmark

"We have been happily living in Denmark for the past 8 years. The neighbours on all sides have been extremely friendly and helpful. The units and surroundings are very safe and secure. Amaroo staff are very helpful and friendly, and problems are attended to without delay. The associated club room is a great meeting place and the activities are well accepted. We will continue to enjoy our life here as long as possible."

Dave and Glenda Waters - Denmark

"Nearly two years in Amaroo and enjoying every moment of it! We have made many good friends here and take pleasure in member instigated activities within the village. The village is within walking distance of the Denmark town-ship and we enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the town. We find the village very quiet and peaceful. The staff are helpful and willing to assist whenever possible. Looking forward to seeing our years in Amaroo Denmark!"


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